Functional Screening

Comprehensive musculoskeletal and functional movement assessment

Anatomy of male back pain in blackDesigned to evaluate basic movement patterns, detect structural flaws, and customize an exercise program – the first step to enjoying life longer and more fully.

Ideal for:

  • Post-rehab patients
  • Low back pain sufferers
  • Deconditioned adults
  • Employees
  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Active individuals

The Benefits

  • Helps physicians and occupational physicians detect signs of deterioration in musculoskeletal tissues
  • Identifies muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness/atrophy, loss of ROM (range of motion), and other risk factors for injury
  • Underscores problematic lifestyle issues
  • Detects design problems in individual workout routines
  • Predicts fall risk from deficits in balance or proprioception
  • Establishes a baseline functional fitness level

Even if an individual is actively engaged in a fitness regimen or sport, anatomic ailments lie in wait. These vulnerabilities are responsible for most falls, pain, and orthopedic injuries of the neck, back, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

“The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

What to Expect

The screening evaluates the entire frame and includes:

  1. Orthostatic blood pressure measurements
  2. Health history
  3. Lifestyle habits inventory
  4. Functional fitness evaluation (mobility, stability, and strength)
  5. Assessment: Identifies critical areas that need attention. Raises awareness about the effects that posture/body mechanics and proper nutrition/exercise have on achieving a mobile and durable frame.


Functional screenings are performed at:

Okamura Medical Group, Inc.
1320 El Capitan Dr., Suite 310
Danville, CA  94526
925.380.6211 |  925.244.9355

* Screenings are payable at time of service. *