Welcome! HealthStyleRx is a functional screening, exercise, and nutrition program — the three components necessary to assess, build, and fuel a sturdy healthy body.

Recovery through Exercise

I. Functional Screening: Even if an individual is actively engaged in a fitness regimen or sport, anatomic ailments lie in wait. These vulnerabilities are responsible for most falls, pain, and orthopedic injuries of the neck, back, hips, shoulders, elbows, writs, knees, and ankles.

II. ExerciseThe medical exercise program is a hybrid functional fitness class and incorporates elements that are essential to increase longevity, improve functionality, and enjoy life more fully. The workout covers all physical fitness domains by including a mix of inteval/Tabata training, low-impact plyometrics, barre, core/bodyweight strength training, Pilates, and flexibility training. Function + Fun!

Movement is Medicine™

III. Nutrition: Any body can be made stronger, sharper, and more stable, but it needs the right mix of nutrients to heal and build a sturdy frame.