karen-owoc_logo  is on a mission to inspire you to cultivate healthy habits and to find joy in moving and eating. She believes functional fitness improves the quality of life and that ‘real food’ can heal you, taste good, and make you happy! 🙂

Karen is a clinical exercise physiologist with extensive cardiac rehabilitation experience prescribing exercise to individuals with cardiovascular disease, a history of acute coronary syndrome, and other age- and weight-associated conditions.

She is the founder/creator of Athletes in Aprons; weekly health expert on KRON 4 Morning News Weekend, producer/host of short-format healthy lifestyle television segments; an award-winning writer; health education weight management instructor; and media contributor for national TV, radio, and print.

  • Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, American Council on Exercise
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise
  • Living Strong, Living Well Instructor (cancer fitness program), Stanford School of Medicine
  • Certified Advanced Cardiac Life Support, American Heart Association
  • Certified Basic Life Support, American Heart Association


I have just completed a cardiac rehabilitation program that was highly successful and which greatly exceeded my expectations. In addition to accomplishing all of the physical fitness milestones that were intended, the program was educational, motivating and fun. This was clearly due entirely to its exceptional leader, Karen Owoc.

Karen not only designs and leads the program, she “partners” with participants in carrying it out, physically leading the warmups herself, personally monitoring and regulating each person’s workouts, and discussing and counseling individual progress. She is very knowledgable and instills confidence. Karen creates an atmosphere that motivates participants to want to succeed, and to enjoy doing so.

Reason for rehab program: age 78, two heart stents.

Profession: retired physicist. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Director (retired), National Nuclear Security Administration, Principal Deputy Administrator (retired), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Deputy Director (retired).

Robert W. Kuckuck

April 2017 (one year after my cardiac event) — Just saw my cardiologist, Dr. Aman Saw, and he said, “I love the weight loss, I love your EKG. Your blood pressure is excellent. Frankly, I am surprised.” I told him Karen Owoc’s care got me back on my feet.

On April 2016, my heart stopped for 7 minutes. I was shocked 3 times and revived.  I was 275 lbs. and had one stent put in an artery of my heart — the Widow Maker*. I was out of breath tying my shoes and walking stairs. Then I was “KO’d”(rehabbed by Karen Owoc) and dropped 40 pounds. I’ve greatly improved my aerobic function and flexibility. Went off all medication and just on aspirin therapy now.

Working with Karen could have prevented my massive heart attack that cost over $100,000 in medical bills. After being in her cardiac rehab class and getting advice on nutrition, I dropped 40 lbs. and got in excellent shape. I reduced my risk of stroke and another heart attack by 50%.

If you’re overweight and out of condition, avoid this life changing impact. If you had an event, take back your health like I did and get in Karen’s class. Karen really cares. She is motivating, very knowledgeable, and she’s fun. P.S. I loved her “whiteboards” (education)!

*The Widow Maker is a blockage in the left anterior descending artery of the heart. It is called the Widow Maker because as far as heart attacks go, the consequences are catastrophic and can often lead to sudden death.

‘Widow Maker’ Heart Attack Survivor

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